4 Things Olympic Gold Winners Do That You Don't Do

olympic gold winnersOlympic gold winners don’t come out at the top for nothing. There are many things that they do in preparation for the games so when they do begin to compete, they have the best chance possible of beating the competition and winning that golden prize for their country. So many olympic gold medals have been won over the past 6 weeks and my hat goes off to all the competitors. However there are 4 things that these winners do which I will share with you. These 4 things are also related to online marketing so make sure you read till the end.

Olympic gold winners are not afraid

One reason why these olympic gold winners get the gold is because they are not afraid to make decisions. Important decisions. It is these decisions that make the difference between winning and living a lifestyle by design or losing and trying again another time. Similarly when it comes to online marketing too many people are afraid of making decisions. They are waving about in the middle or are always unsure. They want to ‘dip their toe’ in the water just to try something. There is no top dipping. You are either 100% in or 0% out. Period.

Olympic gold winners are coachable

The olympic gold medals didn’t go to the winners by themselves. All olympic gold winners are coachable and have been willing to learn from those who are succeeding or have already succeeded. In online marketing unfortunately this is not the case. Whether you are recruiting in network marketing or want to build a mlm leads list you have to be willing to learn from people who have already got what you want. The truth is you do NOT know everything so stop acting like a mr know it all and fix up if you want to start succeeding.

Olympic gold winners don’t play games

When it comes to their training (yes they do train for the games) all olympic gold winners are serious. They treat their training like a job and are committed to the task at hand. If you are an online marketer you too need to stop playing games and be committed. Stop acting like a wussy, get the ten ten formula and start winning. You will not get results by doing things when you feel like it. Do something one day then leave it the next. No. You got to be committed otherwise what’s the point?

Olympic gold winners always measure

Measuring and tracking is another big thing that olympic gold winners do to win the prestigious olympic gold medals. They are always tracking their activity time during training and trying to beat it. Similarly if you are an online marketer you should also be tracking your campaigns and results. If you truly want to achieve mlm domination then this is the way to do it. If you are not tracking and measuring then you really are selling yourself short. Really? Yes really.

They are 4 things that the competitors do to win olympic gold medals. If you want to start getting mlm leads and building your business then you too must do these. If you’re ready to become one of many olympic gold winners then leave a comment below and share and +1 on your way to the top!

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